Great job done by John Dunagan and his team. You would never guess that it was their first code camp. Got to hang out and meet some great new people who helped with the code camp:

  • Amy Hatfield
  • Eric Sarjeant and Denise Ramirez-Sarjeant
  • Kevin Barnhill
  • Frank Salinas
  • Brooke Joseph
  • Adam Broadbent and Rachel Ribbeck-Broadbent

Of course I have to thank John his name at our South (East) Florida code camp is the "ICE MAN" because he always come over and does the run for 20 or 30 bags of ice for us.

Bob Suess (Joe Healy's boss's boss) gave a good talk about some existing and upcoming initiatives from Microsoft all related to encouraging more young people in the US to consider careers in software development, IT and related technical disciplines.

Brook Joseph was running the Open Space and the first session we had was an Open Space on Open Spaces. The notes I took are below. I'm hoping to have a good open space organization by the time our code camp roles around in February.

  • Brooke Joseph, Dave Noderer, Adam Broadbent
  • Before
    • Announcements ahead of time
    • Is it good to pre-reserve space?
    • Interactive, passionate about subjects
    • Present or discuss
    • Let speakers know that the space is available, use it a session followup?
      • Extended Q&A
    • No Speaker room
      • Get everyone to hang out in the main
      • Provide very small room if someone really needs to prepare
  • During
    • Signage in hall ways, dynamic display, update frequently, invite everyone
    • Easels with current open space activity
      • Requires a volunteer
    • Run Registration in open space area
    • Record it??
    • Web based live slide
      • Sponsors
      • Open space schedule / reminder
      • Last minute changes
      • Silverlight page driven off of web service
  • Post Event
    • Publish notes?
    • Links to blogs?
  • From 2008 Tweener weekend:
    • Open Space: Make people go to the open space, either have the registration there or force them to go visit in order to get coffee, schedules, etc.
    • Open Space: Organize the open space (assuming a large area) with the vendors, information, user groups, and other organizations in the middle so that people can take a "tour" so it would be clear where to go.
    • Open Space: Make sure there are specific tables for event information and user groups. Or more than one user group table even if someone wants to staff it.
    • We had the corners setup with small seating areas and a large plasma screen for presentations. Make sure you get some things scheduled in advanced and publicized so that there will always be something going on while still leaving open slots for dynamic scheduling.
    • Open Space: Create a dynamic scheduling tool so that when people sign up for it is all automatic (From Nikita who ran the open space).


Some pictures I took of the event..







A few more can be found at: