Streets and trips threw us for a 200 mile loop off of I90 West.

The good news is that the route on 59, 212 was ~ 70 mi shorter the bad news was:

  • Almost all of it was 2 lane with LOTs of big trucks  lumbering along making it difficult and dangerous to pass.
  • Something like 10 miles was total  construction after the sign “Road Ends” where a construction truck with yellow flashing lights took “convoy's” of cars and trucks through the worst and active part of construction. Luckly we went through this during daylight.
  • It went through a couple of small towns with 30 mph speed limits and suspiciously  modern looking court houses.
  • If it had been winter, the “Chain Up” designated area at the bottom of each hill would have had me very worried in our two wheel drive Blazer.
  • Even Verizon service failed 100 miles from civilization.

I sent Microsoft feedback through the feature in streets and trips!!

On the other hand it was an adventure and lots of very nice scenery and animals. We saw lots of deer, sheep, a Bentonite (is an absorbent aluminium phyllosilicate generally impure clay consisting mostly of montmorillonite.) mine and of course cows. It went by Custer National Forest and LIttle Big Horn, site of Custers Last Stand I  believe.

Some pictures of the landscape from the moving car:




And the route from hell itself: