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You have installed Team Foundation Server 2010, you are ready to go.  Your client is Visual Studio 2008 SP1, and need to connect to TFS 2010.

Here is the story, the steps to configure Team Explorer are almost the same … meaning, you will open Visual Studio, then go to Team Explorer.  At that point you will Add an Existing Project, this where we connect to TFS.  Except, we get this:


Now what?!?  We need to install the Visual Studio Team System 2008 Service Pack 1 Forward Compatibility Update for Team Foundation Server 2010.  Where to get it from?

Update Installation

We arrive at the Welcome Screen for the Update, click Next


Next comes the license screen, accept the license, by selecting the checkbox, then click next.


The installation process will start at that point.


Once it completes, click on Finish.


Second Try

Time to attempt to connect again.

We are back to working with Team Explorer, and Adding an existing project.  There is a formula to be successful with this.

protocol://servername:port/tfs/<name of collection>

protocol = http or https

servername = your tfs 2010 server

port = 8080 by default, or the custom port you are using

/tfs = I am assuming the default too

/<name of collection = the name of the collection that was provisioned.

Once the values are provided, click OK, then close.


At this point you should see a listing of Projects available within the TFS 2010 collection. Select the project and click OK.  You will now see this listed in Team Explorer.

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