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If you are using the Scrum for Team System (aka Conchango Scrum Template), it has hit RTM and it is available for download.  First you will need to register and then you will ne able to access the goods.

There is also a very well laid out Getting Started with v3 guide, put together by Crispin Parker.

Note:  Very important to know and consider, is the fact there is no upgrade or migration strategy laid out from v2.2.  So you are left to your own devices on that one.  There are plenty of discussions going on as far as making it happen.  Don’t get me wrong v2.2 work items will be present and you will be able to use them, just don’t expect the v3 template to trigger when  adding new work items.

For now, get TFS in place, install the template and start fresh.  The Workbench should be released soon too, and that makes it a great component to this solution.

Posted on Tuesday, May 18, 2010 10:29 PM | Back to top

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