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Now, we have discussed about bringing in a certificate into our web server.  One thing I noticed that was a requirement, is the assignment of a certificate throughout the App Tier and the Build Server.  I understand they are not necessarily cheap, but wildcard certs are a good option here.

On to the list we go:


Modify the mappings SharePoint has so it points to https, the path to do this is from the Operations section, in Global Configuration, look into Alternate Access Mappings.  The changes you make here in the default zone will need to be consistent with the changes you will make for those web sites (SharePoint Site and also the Central Admin Site) in IIS Manager by modifying the bindings.

Reporting Services:

You will need to make sure both the Reports Web Service site and the Report Manager site are configured for https and using the certificate you added to the server.

Team Foundation Server:

In TFS Admin Console, you will be able to configure the server to point to the new URLs you have created and associated through IIS Manager in the modification of the bindings.


Note:  I am working on a detailed walkthrough of the activities to make this changes happen.

Posted on Wednesday, May 26, 2010 8:53 PM TFS | Back to top

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