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A while back I attended a Microsoft internal briefing moderated by Raj Pai.  This was a very informative presentation and I am grateful to Jeff Brand for getting me involved with the call.   Here is an overview of some of things discussed during the presentation.  Sorry about the delay in posting this information, but I just got my blog and have a lot of back blogging to do. :)

I used this information to create my C# 2.0 Whidbey presentation that I presented to my user group (CRINETA).  If you are a member of CRINETA you can download it from our website.  Otherwise you can download it from my personal website.


-System.Collections.Generic Namespace

-No boxing

-Type Safe

            -Compile time error

-No downcasts

-Works for both reference and value types

-Instantiated at run-time, not compile-time

-Check at declaration, not instantiation

-Complete run-time type information

-New Collection types (List, Dictionary, SortedDictionary, etc)

-Implement Constraints using the where keywordGeneric Namespace



Java Generics

-generates type object at runtime

-Implemented at Compile time not runtime


New Operators

 - ? Nullable Operator

- ?? Coelesing operator (Used to add default values) (Short code for turanary operator)


New Keywords

-         where – Constrait keyword

-         yield – Interator keyword (Generates Enumerator code)


Anonymous Methods

-         Uses delegates


Partial Types (C# only feature)

-         Allows designer code to be removed from your class

-         Allows a class file to include parts of another partial class.

-         Joins them together when compiled

-         Potential risk on developers add code to framework classes!!


Static Classes

-         Prevent instantiating a class with only static methods


Property Accessors

-         Allow a public set and an internal or private get.

-         More restrictive properties.


Additional Enhancements

-External aliases

-Fixed size buffers

-Inline warning control


C# IDE Enhancements

-         Understanding code

o       New class view enhancements

§         Search

o       Can add class diagram to the project

§         Refractors from the code

§         Updates the code

o       Find all references on right click menu

o       IE type navigation

§         On the VS toolbar

§         Go back at to where you were after you do a go to definitionw enhancments

§         time

§         rnal or private get.

§         odss!!ss.

o       Code definition window used to view metadata as source code

-         Modifying code

o       Refractor Code

§         Works across the solution

§         Refractor large methods using extract method on the right click menu

·        Name the method

·        It cuts and pastes the code for you

·        Determines method parameters for you.

§         Refractor names of methods, enums, classes using the rename feature on the right click menu

·        Fixes

-         Debugging code

o       Watch Window

§         has a simplified view (matches the intellisense)

§         Hides non-public data

§         Now has intellisense

§         Has visualizers (magnifying glass) to view data

§         Can create your own visualizers (say to view data as xml or a picture)

o       Code focus (Data Tips)

§         See everything that the watch window has on mouse over of variables.

o       Edit and Continue

§         Off in beta1, On in beta2

§         Move up the execution pointer and run again

§         Build events will not fire during edit and continue

o       Extensible debug value display

-         Writing new code

o       Generate method stubs from Method calls from the smart tag

o       Snippets Support

§         Prop snippet – type prop hit tab tab.

§         Write shortcuts for code snippets

o       New Exception Helper

§         Troubleshooting tips

o       Surround With

§         Easily add try/catch around blocks of code

§         Select code and right click

o       Define code formatting in the editor options




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