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Over the last two years I have worked for 5 different companies (including my own business) and assisted multiple clients with .NET throughout NE Iowa. 

This Monday I accepted an offer of employment from Microsoft!!!  In two weeks I will be a Consultant for the US-MCS Central COE Division.  This position will allow me to do the same work I have done of the last 4 years, just on a bit larger scale.  I could potentially support anywhere between the Gulf of Mexico and Canada.  Being that I am located in Iowa, I will most likely be supporting Iowa and Nebraska. 

The good news (besides working for Microsoft) is that supporting community will be a part of my job.  This means that I can continue to be a member of the  INETA Community Activities team.  I  will also continue to be involved in the Heartland Developers Conference and will start planning the HDC06 in Feb 2006.

The bad news is that due to the amount of travel for this new position, I will have to step down as the President of CRINETA (Cedar Rapids .NET User Group). Being that I will be out of town on many Monday nights, I feel that the group will need new leadership.  I have been the President of CRINETA for 3 years so we are overdue for a new leadership.  I have learned a lot while leading the User Group and am excited about giving someone else the same opportunity.  Going forward I plan to stay involved with CRINETA, but my travel will determine at what level.

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Congratulations Eric!

With all the news surrounding that really talented people are leaving Microsoft for startups or otherwise (Don Gagne, director of development for Microsoft Office and Hadi Partovi, general manager of the MSN portal), it's a good omen that people like you will reverse entropy of the brain drain.

Left by Adnan Masood on Oct 27, 2005 7:04 AM

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Thanks Adnan! Over the last 6 months there has actually been a swell of people from the Midwest joining Microsoft. My current list is: Admin Kinney, Erik Porter, Arian Kulp, and Brian Tinkler. I'm sure there are also many more.
Left by Eric Johnson on Nov 02, 2005 3:52 PM

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Congratulations! I hope you really enjoy your new position. And as you suggested in your comment, definitely look me up for a gadgets presentation at HDC'06, sounds like fun.
Left by Adam Kinney on Nov 03, 2005 5:34 PM

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