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Bill Evjen's Blog Code, Life and Community April 2004 Entries
Internet service on the airplane getting closer and closer
Good to hear that another airline signed on for Internet access on the airplanes for the passengers as reported here. Too bad that American Airlines isn't on board with this yet. I would definitely pay the 29 dollars for Internet on a long flight to London. What an outstanding thing that would be. Maybe I could then bring my Linksys router and then start broadcasting it to the other passengers and go around and collect dues or something. ;) ......

Posted On Monday, April 26, 2004 1:09 PM

XBOX Alias: vilho
I just got XBOX Live set up and running at my house! I will be on it this weekend and would love to play with some folks I know out there. My alias is vilho (my Finnish name) and email me if you want me to accept you only because I won't know who you are otherwise. Looking forward to it.

Posted On Tuesday, April 20, 2004 12:49 PM

Young Brit puts "Life" on Red in Roulette
Funny story here about a young brit who put his entire life's savings on the roulette table in Vegas - he even went as far as to sell all his possessions, including his clothes - and he won! Geez man ... don't think I could do that.

Posted On Monday, April 12, 2004 8:14 AM

Lindows to get new name
Lindows will give itself a new name for selling its product outside the US. The company has decided not to fight Microsoft in the courts anymore on this issue as Microsoft has recently won some injunctions in Scandinavia. This is discussed here in a Seattle Times article. My favorite quote is at the bottom: has been asking customers for name suggestions. Robertson said his favorite was that the new name be "Lindos" along with the slogan, "Because it's the W that is causing all the problems." ......

Posted On Wednesday, April 7, 2004 2:47 PM

HTTP Sniffer - Nice!
From Kent Sharkey's mention in his blog I saw a link to Fiddler. This is a nice 1.1 program that every developer should own!

Posted On Wednesday, April 7, 2004 1:50 PM

INETA User Group Leader Conference at TechEd 2004!
INETA will be holding the 3rd Annual UG Leader conference at TechEd 2004 in San Diego. The UG leader conference will be held on the Sunday before TechEd at a hotel near the event. Contact me if you wish to attend this event. We are expecting around 75 or so UG leaders to help plan the next year of INETA. TechEd is going to be rather exciting for INETA as we will be involved in the following activities: * INETA UG Leader Conference* Birds of a Feather sessions (BOFs)* INETA at the community booth ......

Posted On Wednesday, April 7, 2004 1:16 PM

Reuters to stop offering free business news
The Wall Street Journal reported in a rather large article about Reuters move to stop offering free news to sites such as Yahoo and others. Now the headlines will be provided only with link backs to the website. It is a move that is happening in business news of charging for the content - such as the Wall Street Journal's own site and others. With the tremendous spread of Reuters news on the Internet (we have ~2,500 journalists worldwide), this will have some definite impacts ......

Posted On Wednesday, April 7, 2004 8:49 AM

MVP Summit here I come!
It is pretty exciting to be heading to the MVP Summit in Seattle, WA and to get to look a little more at what is to come. The event I understand is pretty much under NDA, so I won't be able to blog about the sessions ... but the items that are not under NDA I will post when I can! Sorry. Just spoke to Jeff Julian about heading out and he was stuck in Minneapolis/St. Paul for a few hours. I am off to meet Devin Rader in the airport in a couple of hours. See you all there and feel free to get in touch ......

Posted On Saturday, April 3, 2004 12:46 PM

Microsoft and Sun reach $2Billion dollar agreement
Steve Ballmer and Scott McNeely are doing a joint press conference this morning announcing a whole slew of new agreements between the companies. Dang interesting and it looks like we will see the JVM come back as well. There is mention in the press release about a closer bond between Java and .NET ... wonder what that could mean?

Posted On Friday, April 2, 2004 7:05 AM

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