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The Next Generation of Consumer Reach

These are my notes from the Digital Hollywood conference in Santa Monica, CA.

Kristine Shine – VP PopSugar Media
Jon Goldman – CEO Qlipso
Joy Marcus – US GM Dailymotion
Jason Glickman – CEO Tremor Media
Andrew Budkofsky – SVP Sales and Partnerships Break Media
Sean Horvath – EVP Branded Entertainment Alloy Digital
David Siemer – Siemer and Associates
David E. Leibowitz – moderator

  • PopSugar is focused on entertainment and celebrity
    • 60 editors
    • PopSugar Studios just launched.
    • Create original content – 150 videos a month
    • Gaming and eCommerce (shopstyle)
    • Freshguide – the local space
  • Qlipso – young vc backed startup
    • Gather content online and work with voice and avatars
    • Bring business model and user experience of gaming to video
    • Global audience
  • … global site
    • 70 million unique comes to us monthly globally
    • Growing rapidly … video destination
    • Spreading ourselves through many many platforms
    • Applications on Samsung TVs
    • iPhone and Android apps
  • Tremor Media
    • Leading online monetization of video
    • 198 million unique users monthly
    • how to make the shift from TV to online
    • Ad management platform
    • They see the world from a 3 screen approach – will be one universal mechanism for delivering video
  • Break Media
    • Own 9 websites –
    • 170 millions of unique users/month
    • Work with customers to distribute coupons
    • Video space exploding – work with others to distribute their content
  • Alloy
    • Media assets – at home broadcasts
    • 73 million is their core audience – mostly female
    • Basis is video – and how to integrate editorial along with the video.
  • In the past we had passive TV viewing – now with interactive elements in the TV – what’s being done in the space that is new and novel that is creating value for the advertisers and the consumers?
    • Online perspective – there is a change to adjust 30 / 15 second spot to interactive adverts online. Lean back online is not what they are doing. Other option is to play multiple videos, engage them in a story line, and the consumer can direct how they want the ad to continue. This takes a lot of effort but this is where we can get interactivity. That is move into other devices as well. We will see move into mobile and connected TV. – Jason Glickman
    • We work with 3rd parties to provide interactive ads. We are getting a lot of requests for interactive applications within the video. We see more engagement with ads that are interactive. Pricing is one of the big issues in this arena. What is this thing worth? On the user side – there are companies that will allow consumers to choice alternative endings for videos – lots of potential around that. – Joy Marcus
  • We are staying true to the story telling pattern. Where we disagree is with changing the story line. We are the experts of story telling and we don’t want the consumer to change the story line. This takes away from the story telling. Giving this much power to the user takes away from the story and the brand – Sean Horvath
  • We are of the same belief as Sean is – there is a lot of bad bad bad video out there. We are creating strong content that we write the stories and content for. Changing the ending is not true engagement – it is fun for a moment for the end user but it is quite gimmicky. We are saying – we created this content and Mr. Brand there is space for you here. This is where we feel we are ahead of the curve – Kristine Shine
  • We have 15 million videos on our site. I’m talking about the opportunity where end users can select endings that the brand monitor picks. There is a company out of Israel that has done this rather successfully. I understand story telling – but this is an opportunity for brands to engage – Joy Marcus
  • We approached video online that is very much organized as search and there are no boundaries like compared to cable boxes. There are a lot of inventory that is ad supported. But we approach this market (1) we would love to have this advertising but we want consumers to be pulling out their wallet like the gaming industry. An analogy – a local sports bar. Though you can watch the Baseball game many places you go to your local sports bar. We are doubling the amount of time people are spending around video by providing chit-chat and these items along with the video. – Jon Goldman
  • From a connected TV perspective – shared experiences is going to be important. The big app here will be different than the app that makes it on mobile. Branded entertainment – a lot of brands produce the content themselves. – Jason Glickman
  • An advertises perspective- the ball is in their court now . They can do anything from a tech perspective. The brands are sitting there now saying – holy cow, we can get anything we want. The next phase is to widdle away some of the money from their TV budget and move things online. There could be so much more. – Andrew B.
  • If you look at numbers – video is the smallest right now – but it is the fastest growing segment of online advertising. Video is going to grow faster than even search. The base is low but you get it. There is huge demand for inventory. One of the ways we address this is that we provide an environment. We will give them a channel of their own. That is one way we feed the beast. We are seeing a market that is growing is very fast. We are seeing more demand than supply – Joy Marcus
  • For male 18-34 – they are moving online in droves. Online video needs to be sold differently than how TV has been traditionally been sold. There is no Friends in online video. There is a lot of light content right now. It is difficult to sell one specific piece of content. – Jason Glickman
  • Digital Video – there are 2,500 sites. We are going to be in the mud a little bit with this – Andrew Budkofsky
  • The world 5 years from now we will see a change in the way in how this is all bought. 0- Jason Glickman
  • I think the most important part of the discussion comes to the buying. Where do you buy? How do you buy? But I have many conversations with many agencies and they all buy differently. The budgets are not coming from TV budgets. We are not there yet. – Kristine Shine
  • The whole Over the Top phenomenon is coming and no one knows what this is worth. – Joy Marcus
  • There is a lot of budget that I think will start to move over. – Jason Glickman
  • ROI is the #1 acronym out there – what are the responses and sales going to be for online video. They think TV works because they have 50 years of data – but with online video they only have four years of data. – Andrew Budkofsky
  • Advertising is a local business.- Joy Marcus
  • Hollywood is the #1 export of content. – Sean Horvath
  • Not all video sponsorship is considered equal – there is obviously user generated content that brands want to stay away from. – Sean Horvath
  • YouTube is not the biggest money generator in the world if brands where fine being slapped in front of user generated content – SH
  • The trend is wonderful – online videos are rocketing and online video advertising is rocketing. Right now it is too hard for the advertisers. Until there are enough eyeballs online then the brands won’t switch. – David Siemer
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