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You are a human being and you or your family sick sometimes and go to doctor to take suggestions to recover from sickness. Doctor ask your symptoms/problems, check you old reports, ask for old diseases/history and prescribe medicine accordingly.

Next time you go to doctor, you keep you all files with and carry like below. Sad smile

What will happen if doctor can see you all Health Information form the common place. You do not need to carry or remember anything to prescribe medicine for you. Life is much simpler now than before. Just we need to apply it in our life. Microsoft Health Vault started to help people to care their health easily and much more.

What can you do with HealthVault?

Microsoft HealthVault helps you gather, store, use, and share health information for you and your family. HealthVault is a free, online service that lets you store all of your health information in a single, organized location, use it with a variety of tools, and share it with others you trust. You'll be asked to sign in to HealthVault, or create an account if you don't already have one.


Explore HealthVault from


Initially, MS HealthVault was only accessible through US and UK but now you can use it form Bangladesh even from anywhere if you have Facebook ID because you can create you account using Facebook ID. I got an opportunity to work with HealthVault Service in our application from 2009 to 2011. Our Health Care Application was directly synchronized MS HealthVault Database using HV Service. Here is the landing page of Shared Care Plan Application.



Shared Care Plan

There are some others Health Care Application (i,.e. also running connected with HealthVault service and any user can move or join in any application using their existing HealthVault account.

You can connect with HealthVault from web, Windows, Windows Phone, iPhone


The following way you can store your Health Information directly in HealthVault.


So create your HealthVault Account now to preserve you Health Information Smartly.


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