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FOXJAZZ developing with .net  it's just angular man. using angular-cli with webpack is the way to go.
Use gitter and the angular/angular channel if you have questions. They are friendly and responsive.

rxjs of course rocks it.
and of course built with and in typescript makes for less buggy code. 

I still have issues with git. I used git but my compile I think breaks the git pull on the server side.
There should be a way to ignore that and just get the damn latest, but NOOOO. rest --hard didn't fix it either.
boy they should have a command called git just (just get the damn code). I would be happy with that.

Otherwise its' great!  This nearly completes my third project in angular.  don't use unless your making a web-api, it's all it's good for anymore.  Webstorm still rocks as the #1 angular tool, and has good debugging.

gimmie some of that fishing time.

Posted on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 12:07 PM angular , git , rxjs | Back to top

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