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An app I have on my Windows Phone allows me to back up data to my OneDrive account. I hadn’t used this for several months and when I did and opened OneDrive in Windows Explorer, it didn’t seem to have written anything to OneDrive. I contacted the app developer but he didn’t have any suggestions as to what might be wrong.

It then occurred to me to log onto OneDrive via a browser and voila, the new files were visible. Strange.

Looking on the net I found lots of people with the same problem and eventually found a solution, which was to create a network drive pointing to the OneDrive account. That done, all the files are visible, locally, without taking any storage space on the local machine.

To see the full description of the solution see this video from Sean Ong on YouTube.

Thanks Sean!

Posted on Friday, November 27, 2015 3:16 AM | Back to top

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