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We had so much fun on this trip.  I did most of the driving on the trip, because I am most comfortable behind the wheel and I have never been able to drive that much before.  Being in the car with these guys on the way home from 6am to 2am was great, never a boring moment. 

Then something happened that just changes everyone's memory about the trip.  Dru and Joseph were passed out in the back and something was telling me to quit driving for a second and take a break.  After 3 24oz coffees with 3x caffeine, it was probably me needing to pee.  There is a exit about 30 minutes before Kansas City with an open gas station so I picked it.  Tim and I hopped out of the car and chatted outside for about 10 minutes then we got back on the road.  Once we turned out of the gas station, a ambulance and fire truck get on the highway heading towards Kansas City.  We think nothing of it and just follow so we can get home.  About 2 miles up the road, we see a wreck where they are stopping and wake the other guys in the car.  Since vehicles were on both side of the road that were part of the wreck, I stop.  A cop starts waving me past and I was confused because there was stuff spread all over the road.  I follow as I am suppose to, but right behind the cop I see something on the ground.  Another cop began to cover up a body with a white cloth and I got to see the guy before he was able to finish.  I immediately look away and focus back on the road and then I notice a shoe in the road about 25 yards from the accident. 

No one wants to have to witness this and I still can see the shoe in the road and it is disturbing.  I tried to find out more about the wreck, but since it was between the cities, it wasn't covered in the paper.  Whoever that was on the ground, I pray their families are ok and working through the grieving. 

After we passed the wreck, to break the ice, we discussed other wrecks we had witnessed and did our best to stay away from any other cars out of paranoia.  The other wrecks we saw on the trip were nothing like this one, and I bet everyone in the car will remember that person on the road and they will always that event when thinking of our trip.

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