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Today I was trying to find out who has what checked out from a certain folder in TFS - call it $/Project/Folder. I happened to not have most of that folder downloaded yet - i.e. not in my workspace. I went to the command line, and typed the following:

tf status c:\Project\Folder /recursive /user:*

That returned with “There are no pending changes.” – which is interesting because I can see that there ARE pending changes. And yes, my workspace mapping / working folders are configured properly. So then I tried this instead:

tf status $/Project/Folder /recursive /user:*

And that showed all the actual pending changes.

So I guess the moral of the story is that you need to watch out using local paths – as it seemed be answering the question “what are all the pending changes for only the files I have in my workspace?”. Coincidentally, one of the guys on my team mentioned to me the other day that he generally uses server paths when using the tf command-line tool.

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