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General references to Visual Studio Team System


TFS Licensing (can't forget this!!!)


Some great TFS blogs and forums


Tools and add-ins to TFS


Process templates for TFS


Book recommendations

  • How to implement IT governance such as Sarbanes-Oxley
  • How to work with mixed environments (including Java and .NET)
  • How to set up the product for large distributed environments
  • How and why to take multiple lifecycles into consideration when deploying and using Team System
  • How to create custom development tools and administer and customize work items
  • How to monitor your team project metrics using SQL Server Reporting Services

  • Using VSTS to support the transition to Agile values and techniques
  • Forming Agile teams and building effective process frameworks
  • Leveraging Team Foundation Version Control to help teams manage change and share their code effectively
  • Implementing incremental builds and integration with Team Foundation Build
  • Making the most of VSTS tools for Test-Driven Development and refactoring
  • Bringing agility into software modeling and using patterns to model solutions more effectively
  • Using the FIT integrated testing framework to make sure customers are getting what they need
  • Estimating, prioritizing, and planning Agile projects

  • The role of the value-up paradigm (versus work-down) in the software development lifecycle, and the meanings and importance of “flow”
  • The use of MSF for Agile Software Development and MSF for CMMI Process Improvement
  • Work items for planning and managing backlog in VSTS
  • Multidimensional, daily metrics to maintain project flow and enable estimation
  • Creating requirements using personas and scenarios
  • Project management with iterations, trustworthy transparency, and friction-free metrics
  • Architectural design using a value-up view, service-oriented architecture, constraints, and qualities of service
  • Development with unit tests, code coverage, profiling, and build automation
  • Testing for customer value with scenarios, qualities of service, configurations, data, exploration, and metrics
  • Effective bug reporting and bug assessment
  • Troubleshooting a project: recognizing and correcting common pitfalls and antipatterns (available as a free PDF download)

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