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Ashraful Alam is a Software Architect, who has 8 years of professional experience in Software Development industry. This Bangladeshi national is involved with project management and development of several US based software projects from his country. Already he has managed and developed several software projects, which are being used by several users of different countries, such as USA, Canada, Australia, and Bangladesh. While developing and managing a team, he contains and maintains a set of well defined engineering practices developed by him and other online developer communities.

Due to his willingness to give effort to improve and share better software development practices, Ashraf has been awarded as “Most Valuable Professional” (MVP) in ASP.NET category by Microsoft since year 2007 multiple times, which is a rare honor and prestigious reorganization among the developers around the world.

Check his portfolio to know more about him and his works.

.NETTER Characters... Every part of your life is best, if you can know yourself and thus create your life like an artist!

Microsoft is releasing new and exciting products and platforms for developers one by one, which are making developers pretty busy to learn, implement and utilize them at their production environment. Here are few latest hot cakes for developers:

1. Windows Presentation Foundation

2. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

3. Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)

4. Windows Forms 3.5

5. ADO.NET 3.5

6. ASP.NET 3.5

7. .NET Compact Framework 3.5

8. Windows CardSpace

9. Silverlight 2.0

10. IIS 7.0

11. Visual Studio 2008 Team System

12. Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server

13. Sql Server 2008

14. Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0

Well that's simply crazy! Even if I want, I can add more, given that each of the technologies has bigger and bigger branches, each of which requires lots of efforts to be specialized!

I am really a tech hungry, however right now I feel a bit overloaded to enter to all of these, even sometimes getting time to review the basic become harder for me. However I finally planned myself to be more organized to continue my learning process with good digestion, so that I can continue NOT only just learning, but also I can improve my developer life much better with stronger way.

Here are four steps that I wish to maintain with respect to all type of new technologies, which will be adjusted based on the relevancy at my current work.

1. Basic level: To be able to just run "Hello World" type sample successfully, along with ensuring successful installation and configuration process.

2. Pre-production: Getting prepared to implement in production, by making successful experiments, customization and fine tunings in samples found.

3. Production: Careful implementation and perform required adjustments for optimized result.

4. Production-advanced: Once a good sort of 'safe' experience archived, I would like to go for advanced concepts to implement the technology is highest possible way!

Not matter how much closely related each technologies are to my current work and projects, but I am sure each of them are at least 'loosely' related, so I will cover all of these at least at basic level, as I have the motto:

"As a good developer, always you have to know 'everything' for 'some item' and 'something' for 'every item' !


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