SharePoint Central Administration Website – javascript errors

I ran into an issue with my SharePoint Central Administration website recently.  This was in a my development Virtual PC, using IE7.


I would open the SCAW which appeared to be fine, but some of the functionality wasn’t working.  I’d click on certain buttons and nothing would happen.  I then noticed that IE was reporting javascript errors.

I tried using FireFox.  Some of the errors that I saw in IE weren’t in FireFox, but some of SCAW (usually popups) didn’t work.

Rather try to figure out what I did (I’m assuming that I did something that caused this), I decided to remove the Central Admin site and reinstall it.  SO, I used the wizard to remove and then used the wizard to install a fresh SCAW site, which worked fine.

Print | posted @ Thursday, March 19, 2009 10:47 PM