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Gradually you become aware of the warm sun, filtering through the curtains. You can’t see, your eyes are still closed, but your other senses have been active for some time. You can feel the sheets beneath you, hear a faint rhythmic cacophony of kitchen utensils, and most importantly you can smell the delightful welcoming odour of fresh coffee percolating on the stove.

Like good wine, good coffee is all about the aroma, and to achieve the freshest and most enticing aroma the roasted coffee beans must be freshly ground prior to extraction.

basic_grinder A few years ago my brother gave me an entry level coffee grinder. As promised the machine is capable of grinding coffee, but it does a terrible job of it. The grind is too coarse and inconsistent. Should you wish to shorten your fingers by a few centimetres then this machine is perfect – other than that it should be avoided.

July this year (2010) was my third wedding anniversary. Proving that she knows me very well my wife gave me a Sunbeam Cafe Series Conical Burr Grinder. This was a major personal sacrifice for her since she knew that it would contribute to coffee related kitchen mess, which she hates. The sunbeam grinder has quickly become my favourite inanimate object.

The adjustments are fine grained and accurate, so the grinder can easily be setup to produce the ideal grind for any machine or style of making coffee. sunbeamThe grinding process itself is quick and easy and the resulting coffee features spectacular bouquet.

At first I would grind enough to make a single cup every time that I wanted coffee. The novelty of this quickly wore off and now I grind three or four days worth at a time. I find that this is sufficiently fresh to preserve the quality.

If you love coffee, as I do, consider investing in a good quality grinder. Don’t waste your time on the entry level machines, you are better off buying pre-ground.

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