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April 2009 Entries

If you want to use a Post-build event with folders which contains a space often you get an error like: The system cannot find the file specified. c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Fr... error MSB3073: The command "COPY C:\Projekte\_Learning By Doing\EsriDE.QA.StyleCop\bi... "C:\Program Files\Microsoft StyleCop 4.3"" exited with code 1. In my case i used the macro $(TargetPath) in following line which contains indirectly the spaces in "_Learning ......

If the content editor of SHFB opens without any functionality then the configuration file is corrupt. This is repairable through deleting the config-files under C:\Documents and Settings\[YOUR_USER_ID]\Local Settings\Application Data\Eric_Woodruff\... Sometimes an error occured during opening content editor next time. In this case you must study the message. Offen you have created a not XML-wellformed content file. Open your last used files with an other XML-editor and look for the place which is ......