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February 2013 Entries

Powershell: Find driveletter of mounted VHD
Not my own script, I found it on Richards powershell blog and am keeping it for future reference. Yes I look online if a script already exists before I go and find the code myself… http://richardspowershellbl... The script does exactly what I want so all I had to do was adjust the output with a select and format table! Code: function get-mountedvhdDrive { $disks = Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_DiskDrive | where Caption -eq "Microsoft ......

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Powershell Script: Deploying Virtual Machines
I’m a lazy bastard and am constantly looking for ways to deploy my lab machines faster and with less effort. I’m interested in learning and testing as much as I can but I just don’t want to be installing machines constantly! The first step for me was experimenting with MDT, which was brilliant! But it still took to long to install a VM and still too much effort (told you I’m lazy : ))! So the second step for me was to create a number of VHDX files and use those to deploy the virtual machines resulting ......

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