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Mike Azocar So long and thanks for all the Fish!
So I have something I need to admit in public. Sometimes I do things the hard way. I came across a tool called the Process Template Editor a while back and scoffed. Why would I ever need anything other witexport, witimport and notepad? But, in a rush to get something done, I installed it to make some changes to a project. I was pleasantly surprised. It allows you to either export and work on your templates locally or modify them directly on the server. Of course local gives you some wiggle room. It also allows you to preview your forms once you have made changes. This is much better than doing a witexport, witimport and then opening VSTS. I had to install the version from 3/13 because we are still running the RC version of TFS. Happy Coding! Posted on Tuesday, June 13, 2006 3:06 PM Tools | Back to top

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