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I ran across an interesting issue recently and I wanted to share the solution.á I am currently working on a fairly large project.á We have had a turbulent start and I was not able to baseline my project plan before my developers began working on their tasks.á I knew that from a schedule standpoint we were hosed, but other Earned Value calculations should still be ok.á I baselined my project plan but discovered an issue.á When I refreshed my project plan from TFS, all of the baselines were wiped out because 0's were stored in TFS! The fix turned out to be easy.á Here is what I did: 1.á I used the tfsfieldmapping.exe to download the field mappings for MS Project. 2. Iáremoved the field mapping for the baseline field and uploaded the new mappings to project. 3. I refreshed my project plan to collect the hours entered by my developers. 4. I added the field mapping for Baseline back into the MS Project field mappings. 5.áI published the Projectáback to TFS with the baselines. Hope this helps you sometime. Happy Coding!!! Posted on Wednesday, September 27, 2006 8:09 PM | Back to top

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