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Just had a couple of little problems when working with a map. 

1. VS Blowing up

I was trying to add a new map and reference a schema from a seperate assembly.  Each time I did this the i get a "Failed to load schema....." message then for some reason the schema selector wont open up any more.  To make things worse after this the IDE starts to freak out a bit, it cant save things, you get these wierd error messages (i forgot to print screen one, will add later).

I tried things like recreating the project, the map etc.... in the end i worked out that it was because my bin directory had an old version of the schema assembly in.  I closed the IDE and cleaned the directory then tried again and it worked perfecty.


Ok still not sure of the cause of this, but i have found two work arounds that solve it.  My collegue had this problem, and he removed a vs test project from the solution and stopped getting problems with the map.  I also had the problem and i moved my maps and schemas into the same project and stopped getting the problem (i also had test projects, but came up with this different workaround at the same time).

2. Accessing an external assembly in a scripting functoid

I added a new class to be called from my scripting functoid but for some reason i was only getting the older classes displayed in the list.  When i tried to add the assembly as a resource to my BizTalk application it picked up the new class.  I will look into this a bit more, but it seemed to work if readded the assembly as a resource and regac it.

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