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Just a few minutes ago I uploaded version 1.1 of the Windows Store DirectX Game Template (WSDXGT) to the Visual Studio Gallery. If you already have it installed, it should show up as an update the next time you restart Visual Studio 2012 unless you’ve disabled update notifications (if it doesn’t show up but should, let me know; I forgot to keep a copy of VS 2012 with the 1.0 installed so I couldn’t test that myself this time).

This release is just a simple addition of several classes that make XAML data binding and using the MVVM pattern much easier. I plan to build on these to create a template that features a skeleton framework game state system (i.e. a main menu state, a game play state, etc.). The new classes are BindableBase (which should typically be the base class of any view model you create), UICommand (which implements the ICommand interface, allowing you to bind lambdas, member functions, and functions to any control that derives from ButtonBase (e.g. the Button control) thus helping with MVVM design), and a trio of IValueConverter implementations: BooleanNegationConverter, BooleanToVisibilityConverter, and MultipleConvertersConverter. The MultipleConvertersConverter lets you chain multiple IValueConverter converters together in XAML, which makes it much easier to create simple value converters and combine them together to compose more complex value conversion behavior. See the comments for the class in MultipleConvertersConverter.h for a XAML usage example snippet.

As always, comments, questions, feedback, and constructive criticism are all welcome, and if you like it please consider reviewing it in the Visual Studio Gallery (see the first link above)!

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