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I've created the MyTableClass CSS class(stored in .CSS file)  and specified it to a HTML table.



font-size: 8pt;



However the size of font inside the table was bigger than I specified.

Thanks to VS 2008 CSS properties pane - Applied Rules section I was able to find that the rule was overridden by TD element style



font-size: 12px;



It was not hard to create hack to override global TD.

.MyTableClass TD


font-size: 8pt;



I feel that having global element rule is not a good idea.

Unfortunately I am scared to change the style, because it is used in many places in production.

Update: I found very similar post Tackling Stubborn TD Style Definitions, written by Jovan.    

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Posted on Thursday, November 6, 2008 11:11 PM CSS/DHTML/JavaScript | Back to top

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