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I need to show popup info message with single close button, but content is located in separate html file. The current implementation using not working for many users with popup blockers.
My question is which tool/framework should I use.
Initially I considered to use UFrame (see CodeProject article:UFrame: goodness of UpdatePanel and IFRAME combined )inside ASP.NET AJAX  ModalPopup.
It pointed me to jqModal - looks what I need.
You can pass the URL (e.g. $.jqm({ajax:'remote/dialog.html'}) or extract it from an attribute of the triggering element. For instance, $(.jqm({ajax:'@href'}) would grab contents from bar.html if the triggering element was <a href="foo/bar.html">
In particular see example 3b example-alert.
Standalone sample code of usung jqModal posted here. Other examples:
 Popup Master-Detail using GridView, DetailsView and JQuery with jqModal
Regardless of JavaScript client solution for cross-domain calls it's required to use something like AJAX Proxy - continuously deliver data from across domains
My collegue found jqModel too complicated to setup and prefer DHTML Modal window
Other links that I read/considered:

jQuery plug-in Simple Modal.--iframe is depricated
Posted on Monday, January 26, 2009 11:53 AM ASP.NET , CSS/DHTML/JavaScript | Back to top

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