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We started  using TFS to track requests using Work items.

1. Telerik's  TFS Work Item Manager (beta version for TFS 2010 is available) that could be interesting to use instead of standard VS2010, especially for someone who doesn’t want to have VS installed on their machine.(thanks to dimarzionist who pointed to the tool).See also TFS Project Dashboard

2.Visual Studio TFS work item attachments Tab

I've found that Outlook emails can be dropped to TFS work item attachments. Just open TFS work item attachment tab and drag and drop Outlook email to it.

Also you can copy any selected text and paste it to TFS work item attachments tab. The text will be saved as an attachment file

Unfortunately attachments can be only added or deleted, it will be good to rename them or modify comment as well. Vote for this on MS Connect.

Posted on Sunday, May 23, 2010 8:27 AM Visual Studio/TFS/git | Back to top

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