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Was recently developing couple mobile apps using C# on iOS using Monotouch by Xamarin 
purchased 17" MacbookPro i7 quad - upgraded memory to 16 GB and HD to 256GB SSD 
Installed VM and Windows 8 including all dev tools for WinDev. 

After a while I've noticed that had issue logging back in after the PC went on Sleep/Standby. 
The spinning rainbow ball would not stop spinning and I would have to force full reboot. 

Due to busy schedule was not able to fix the issue, until last couple of weeks. 
Trip to the local Apple store later and everything cleaned up (I did backed up all my stuff) 
and the issue was still there.. the test revealed that there is a problem with the memory.. 

FedEx-ed memory overnight to Crucial for replacement - two weeks before my talk at #OrlandoCC. 
Two days later found out that it's going to be couple extra days before the memory is returned back. 

Installed the old memory with the old hd and problem was gone.. 
Installed the old memory with new  hg and the problem was back 

Called OCZ customer support and found out that I need to get "The latest HD firmware upgrade.

especially these 3 posts:

after updating the firmware both iOS and Win 8 (in VM) the problem is gone and my PC runs very smooth.

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