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This is a short post about me and what I do. Again, trying to keep it short as not to bore anyone. I have been coding for legit gigs for about 12 years and programming on my own for well over 15. I have a background in music and graphic arts as well.  Currently I am working for a very large company (80k+ employees) doing SharePoint development.

I, like most developers, have a love-hate relationship that is rather unhealthy but I just can’t quit it.  It’s this relationship that has driven me to write this blog. While I plan on blogging about advanced items, I’m going to focus on some of the easier SharePoint concepts and examples as well. I plan on doing this because I found that expert level information was rather easy to find on the net, but the more simple things were less easy to find. Rather the easy things just required a lot of trial and error and late nights. I have always liked helping the underdogs, as well as those noobs new to a technology. I like to get ‘em hooked!

I think my next post is going to be about jQuery implementation in a large, multi-portal SharePoint environment.


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