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Some of the simplest things in life make all the difference. For a software developer who is trying to solve an application problem, being able to access log files, windows event viewer, and other details is priceless. But ironically enough, most developers aren't even given access to them. Developers have to escalate the issue to their manager or a system admin to retrieve the needed information. Some companies create workarounds to solve the problem or use third party solutions.

Home grown solution to access log files

Some companies roll their own solution to try and solve the problem. These solutions can be great but are not always real time, and don't account for the windows event viewer, config files, server health, and other information that is needed to fix bugs.

  • VPN or FTP access to log file folders
  • Create programs to collect log files and move them to a centralized server
  • Modify code to write log files to a centralized place

Expensive solution to access log files

Some companies buy expensive solutions like Splunk or other log management tools. But in a lot of cases that is overkill when all the developers need is the ability to just look at log files, not do analytics on them.

There has to be a better solution to access log files

Stackify recently came up with a perfect solution to the problem. Their software gives developers remote visibility to all the production servers without allowing them to remote desktop in to the machines. They can get real time access to log files, windows event viewer, config files, failed iis request logs, and other things that developers need. This allows the entire development team to be more involved in the process of solving application defects.

Check out their product to learn more
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