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Many of us with technical blogs started a blog as just a place to jot down stuff we figured out so that we could easily find it later.  

But if you have ever been thrilled to check the stats on your blog and see that 1,000 people have read one of your entries or been excited to see your blog mentioned on twitter, or had a boost of confidence when someone in an interview mentioned reading your blog, you will want that feeling again.

Regardless of why you blog, you quickly learn that blogging effectively is as much art as science.

Kiesha Easley has an active blog at WeBlogBetter devoted to flushing out some of this art and science that can help you capture some of the excitement and energy.

While she is probably not a true “geek” she approaches many of these concepts with a no nonsense sensibility that appeals to geeks.    Her site offers practical advice with posts such as 


If you blog just to have an online spot to log your own thoughts, you may not be interested.

But if you are interested in kicking things up a notch, spend some time on her site.   You may learn a new trick or two.

If you are already rising to the ranks of celebrity programmer, hit the comments and share what has worked for you.

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