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Wow, it's been a hectic three weeks!  I've been out at a client's site for two of the three weeks and then working on their project for the rest of the time.  It's a WPF product and based on that, I can say that WPF is really cool stuff.  Some things that I've learned?

1.  Use Popup controls when you have content that you need to display out of the stack order on top of other items. 

2.  The Popup control has built in animation so that you don't have to do anything with it.  You can see the example in the samples that come with the Windows SDK.

There are some great resources out there.  One of my favorite is the WPF Samples that Kevin Moore has posted.  Infragistics has also released a beta of their WPF controls, but the databinding to objects appears broken.  Shouldn't all beta's be fully functional? (I'm kidding!)

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