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So my xbox 360 is overheating.  I call the xbox support line and get to talk to the computer named Max who is really dumb.  He's o.k. at first, since all he's asking is do you want your console fixed or is it something else like your billing account, but then when you get to the point of saying what the problem with your xbox is, he's useless.  They've got maybe five things he recognizes, but they don't list it until you ask for the list, so I said my problem and he tells me he didn't understand, so I say it again, and again, and finally, he tells me his pitifully short list at which point I understand why he didn't get it.

I can't remember how, but finally I got him to tell me that I can just say agent and I'll get to a human being!

So that's what I do . . . and I get an agent that can't speak english!  ARGH!  Don't know which is worse, a computer that has no vocabulary or a human that has no english vocabulary.

I should have bought a wii. :)

Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2007 4:27 PM | Back to top

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