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I'm of two minds about speech recognition.  I'd like to use it, but the thought of everyone around me talking makes me want to cringe.  Cell phones are bad enough, but you start having them speak to their computers too and you'll never be able to cary on a conversation or be sure that your computer is safe.

Imagine John and Jim working on their computers in the same room.  Jim goes to the bathroom and while he's gone, the following happens:

John:  Delete files from the projects directory.

Computer:  Are you sure?

John: Yes.

Jim returns.

Jim:  ACH!  Where's the code that I've been working on for the last 6 months!  My whole projects directory is gone!  What did you do!?


Sure, there's backups and source code control, but that's a pain, especially if you've been working on something all day and haven't yet checked it in. . .

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There's a solution, but it's fairly complex: require a recognized voice print for each command. Overall the technology can be pretty effective. It may fail when other people are talking in the background, and you may have to re-train it on the days that you have a cold.

An enhancement so that co-workers can't mess with you as much is to get a highly directional microphone.
Left by Lorin Thwaits on Mar 16, 2007 12:58 AM

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