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Check out this article by John C. Dvorak (someone I've been reading for a very long time).

I've felt the same way about mobile phones.  My Dad owns an independent telephone company and I grew up with him getting calls at all hours of the day and night asking if he knew Jane Smith's phone number.  We came to the point where we hated the phone and were reminded constantly that the phone was there as a convenience for US not for THEM.

Dad was in on the ground floor with cell phones as well.  We've had one since they were big bricks that cost thousands of dollars.  From my youth, I remember the phones.

A couple of years ago, I decided I'd had enough.  I wasn't using the phone for anything but work, and work was calling me at bad times and not caring, so I stopped carrying a phone and canceled the phone contract.  I managed to last two years WITHOUT a cell phone at all!  Imagine that!

With the pregnancy and me traveling more, I did get one again, but only because its cheaper than calling long distance.  I still use it only when I want to, and if you call me and I don't answer, that's tough luck for you.

Maybe that makes me a jerk, but I really, really, don't care.  I've seen WAY too many idiots with cell phones.

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I didn't have a phone for a very long time. Never needed it really, then I had to carry a tech support phone 24/7 for 3 years, so that was just a leash. I finally broke down and got one when I got tired of trying to find a pay phone in del mar that worked. Not easy at night.
It is up to me though, I agree with you. If I don't answer, too bad.
Left by tendrel on Mar 29, 2007 3:36 PM

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