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Read this on foxnews today.  I had to laugh.  Having been a system admin, all I can think is duh?  Have they never read BOFH?  If you don't know what it is, read it here and here.

Several notes:

1. We don't need to change our passwords as often.  We don't write them down on sticky notes and post them on our desks.  We don't give them out over the phone in restaurants (I overheard a bank teller's username and password once in a restaurant while she was on lunch break . . .), and we practice safe computing.  We know that passwords are stupid and unreliable and that anything that's really important is encrypted on our personal hard drives.  hehe.

2. After I found out my boss was cheating people, I looked at his e-mail and made sure we had records to get him locked away, should the need arise.  Is that directly related to my job??

3. We all have IT policies that say that your e-mail can be perused at any time and that you shouldn't consider it private.  Just because you assumed that meant it would only be done when some higher up thought it was necessary isn't our fault!

4. Why in the $&@^ did they put a picture of IIS in the story??  Clearly, the person writing it had no clue about how things work.  I especially like the quote, "For most people, administrative passwords are a seemingly innocuous tool used by the IT department to update or amend systems. . ." Administrator passwords are tools used to update or amend systems?  What?  c:\AdministratorPassword.bat -raiseMySalary?

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