October 2006 Entries

User Experience is the name of the game - IndiMix 06
Guess what is unique in Indimix? The developer sessions or Technology sessions are minimal. Being an event for the whole industry and design houses, the focus is more on User Experience. Microsoft is committed to provide a better user experience and with the Windows Presentation Foundation and the Expression Designer Suite release, people would find the new dimension in Microsoft Tools and Technologies. To give an overview, see the topics below which are part of IndiMix Agenda. ยท The Genesis of Creativity ......

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IndiMix 06 - Steve Ballmer addresses the key note

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Indi Mix - The Indian version of MIX '06
Guess what is the buzz word within the industry leaders, design houses and top CEOs, CIOs, CTOs? Microsoft IndiMix 2006. IndiMix is the Indian version of MIX 2006 but has great additional flavours. One of the key things is that, Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft Corporation addresses the key note and this is exclusively for this Indian event. The Date is: November 9, 2006 The venue is: National Centre for the Performing Arts, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021 India. You can register for the Event online ......

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Visual Studio 2005 and Web References
Visual Studio 2005 no doubt, has been a much better version of the studio, targetting .NET Framework 2.0 When we develop Web Application and Web Services, we create both the application and web service in our local machine and hence the URL http://localhost/WebService... would work very well in our local environment. However, when you move your application to Testing or Production machine, the Web Service will reside on a different machine (atleast that is the purpose of using a Web Service, ......

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Microsoft Blogstars Contest - Blog to win !!!
Well, I have been quite for a long time here in community news. But now, I have an exciting information to share. Microsoft has announced the Microsoft Blogstar Contest a contest to identify the best Developer bloggers in India. This is an exciting contest since, you could become a Blogstar over a fortnight and what is cool is that you just have to submit your Blog URL to enrol for this contest. Even if you are a new Blogger, you still qualify for the contest since quantity of posts doesnt matter. ......

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