June 2008 Entries

Control does not implement IPageableItemContainer Error
You may run into this error when trying to use the new DataPager control with a GridView or any other control, other than the ListView control. For a moment I couldn't believe that the DataPager cannot work with the GridView control. Then after a few moments of research found out that, the Data Pager control requires the Data Control to implement the "IPageableItemContainer" interface. This is a part of the System.Web.Extensions namespace that is shipped with .NET 3.5. This interface is currently ......

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Web Development Helper Utility
Some of you who attended my recent Innovation Days and MSDN Sessions have asked for the URL for the Web Development Helper utility that I used during my demos. Shamelessly, I am posting the link for download (shame, since it is not something I wrote and rather used an existing tool). Well, you can download the same from http://projects.nikhilk.net... The main site is http://www.nikhilk.net/ and you can find tons of useful information in this site. Nikhil is the Principal Architect ......

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