August 2009 Entries

Windows Mobile Device Center – Deleted Contacts
If you are using Windows Vista or above and also Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smart Phone, you would have definitely stumbled upon Windows Mobile Device Center. It is a one stop place for synchronizing your phone data with your PC i.e. Contacts, Tasks, Emails, Calendar etc., Today, while I was setting up my new phone, I accidentally deleted the SIM contacts and worst, synchronized it with my PC using the WMDC and gosh, all the contacts from my Outlook got removed as well. It was frustrating and kept ......

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What’s new in ASP.NET 4.0 – Part II – Routing in Webforms
When I wrote the first post in this series, there was tremendous amount of interest generated and also a lot of feedback requesting to post some of the advanced features. Like I said earlier, ASP.NET 4.0 has lots of new features some of them as simple as Page.Title whereas so as big as caching improvements. This post covers one such feature which is Routing in Webforms. Although Routing was available even in .NET 3.5 SP1, (check this excellent post by Phil Haack on implementing Routing in ASP.NET ......

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What’s new in ASP.NET 4.0 - Part I - View State & SEO Improvements
UPDATE dated August 17, 2009 Once I posted this entry, there is a lot of interest that has been shown and few queries as well. So I thought I need to update this post. This is only the first post in the series on ASP.NET 4.0 fetaures. There are lot of ground breaking things and other enhancements that are pretty exciting. To the folks who asked for "why MS changing dev platform once in 18 months" There is no change. there are a few enhancements. Post .NET 2.0 there have been a lot of additional APIs ......

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ASP.NET 4.0 QueryExtender, AutoCompleteExtender and UpdatePanel – mashing it up all
(this is a repost since the initial post had a few issues that couldn’t be corrected) I am playing with the ASP.NET 4.0 QueryExtender released as a part of the Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1. It provides endless opportunities for working with data without writing much code and when you combine it with a few Ajax features, gives a truly great user experience with very less effort. To begin with you need the Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 and .NET Framework 4.0 Beta 1. You can install both from ......

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Virtual TechDays – the team

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