May 2011 Entries

Integrating Twitter with your ASP.NET MVC 3 and Razor Web Application
Much has been talked about the new release of ASP.NET MVC, i.e. MVC 3 and the new Razor syntax and the ability to simplify the development. Razor uses the @ prefix for switching between code and HTML and that kind of simplifies it when compared to using <%: symbol as with the case in MVC and ASPX engines. Here is a nice article from David Ebbo on how all of these fit together Not just that, Razor comes with a lot of goodies. The Helper classes simplify in doing some of the common tasks, doing ......

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Using the MailDefinition class in .NET Framework 4 Console Application, Visual Studio 2010
One of my colleagues pinged me to check, how to use the MailDefinition class for creating formatted mails from a .NET Console Application. She was referring to this article which seems to be building a nice template email that can be sent. But this article was related to ASP.NET and hence didn’t have issues in referencing the MailDefinition Class which is part of System.Web.UI.WebControls namespace. The application ......

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