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UppercuT – Automated Builds - Change is Good

Recently I reported that there were going to be some changes to UppercuT. And there have been. These are a summary of some of the most significant changes:

  • Uppercut now reports it's version. This is helpful to know where you are versus the current version. It also reports the time when it finishes a build.
  • Custom Replacement Tasks are now implemented. This is to add a task to the custom folder that completely replaces the normal workings of the build step it is replacing. A pre or post custom step will still run though.
  • Pre, Post and Replacement tasks are implemented for every build step in UppercuT now.
  • Support for Gallio Testing has been added.
  • EnvironmentBuilder works better than ever now that it is custom code instead of NAnt property expansion which had buffer limitations.
  • All .build files are now .step except for the actual builds (open, zip and default). default.build is what used to be __master.build.


Most of this is due to prioritizing the time to get requested features into UppercuT prior to my upcoming presentation for TopDNUG.

There are some more changes on the way to v1. I will be talking about a road map soon.  If you aren’t yet a member of the uppercut users group, you might consider joining. :-)

With this knowledge you shall build.

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