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I registered a domain name today: (,, & for an idea… The idea came to me this morning on the bus.


Where could you go if you want to ask a question about something that you’d feel like sounding out a friend about? You could go to a particular forum, you could maybe go to a craigslist discussion, or a google or yahoo discussion… but each of those choices involves going to a part of a bigger whole – and a fair amount of people wouldn’t even know that they all exist…

A dedicated site just for asking and getting opinions could be good…

So I thought of “Dear peeps” as in dear people… a site where you can go and register and ask and answer questions posed by people.

The kind of questions I’m thinking of are more LTUAE than “how can I get more mileage from my toyota corolla”…

The site will kind of operate:

  • Similar to digg in that questions asked can be voted up and down by the site’s community, thereby raising up or down on the list of questions, which would be broken down into categories…  Answers too would also be voted up/down.
  • Similar also to but whereas that site is more based on asking a question once and then grading the questions, dearpeeps would allow conversations to occur… like threaded discussions… if that is the way the asker wants to go.
  • The site would also borrow a fair bit from the way of asking and grading questions…

People using the site would have profiles on there and integration options into twitter, facebook, google, live, flickr etc

The site would include google or microsoft ads for revenue but be otherwise free…

Any immediate comments?

Some comments I’ve received already:

ScottH: Sounds like Quora or FormSpring

CaseyV: You got an email from ScottH!

TerenceT: Some thoughts:

  • It should start as simple. Maybe not as simple as Quick, Say Something Nice. But with the same small and clear focus.
  • Deep integration into an Already Popular Service™. Not just a little “like” or “tweet this” button. For example, each new question gets a random hashtag, e.g. #dearpeeps-93821. Then anyone with twitter can join the conversation, without even signing up (or even visiting the site)
  • I like the Facebook concept of polls that anyone can suggest new items for.

TheresaO: Cool, good idea… people love to get people’s opinions and it could be fun too.


Just an example of something that’s small and useful. (That’s web 2.0, don’t you know.)

Another example:

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