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I am evaluating Linq to SQLProfiler.  I have found better ways to do things within minutes.  It helps you optmize you Linq.  You will not regret investing the time to learn the tool, which is easy BTW.


I have the presentation with links and code to email to anyone who wants it, just email me.  edg is my email at


I would like to thank Dave Noderer and Rainer Habermann and the rest of the team for a successful code camp!  Thanks to the attendees of my Linqq to SQL class as well.  I will be sending out the emails tonight with the information I promised.


An open source library and full product have been developed for transparently splitting large tables across several databases for performance, similar to database table partitioning. It is all handled along with the Linq to SQL framework, and looks pretty slick, I will be reviewing the product shortly. It looks mostly transparent to the developer! There ......

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