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Theo Moore Questions... Morphology? Longevity? Incept dates?
I don't normally post here about things that don't relate to my work or fun with coding, etc. However, I've been through an incredible experience, and I feel moved to speak out about it in every forum in which I've the honour to speak.

I refer specifically to the experience of seeing Batman Begins. I've been a huge fan of the mythos for as long as I can remember. I'm the guy who picked up Legends of the Dark Knight #1 and thought "Finally, a book dark enough to really reflect the story". I've worn out copies of the "Return of the Dark Knight" by Frank Miller (if you've not read it, I recommend it highly).

I'm the sort of fan who is fascinated by the character of Bruce Wayne/Batman. He is man driven, who is one sheer precipice from falling into that which he hates. He isn't interested in "law" or "good and evil" in their classic sense; rather, he's more about justice, and genuine right and wrong. You aren't supposed to actually like his methods, but you are supposed to understand them and realize the necessity of them. Batman breaks bones, and he fights to win. He understands something that is quoted in the movie concerning how the criminal thrives in society thanks largely to that society's willingness to understand and forgive that criminal for their trespass.

Simply put, this is the Batman movie I've waited my whole life to see. It could be the best movie I've ever seen, and I've seen plenty.

I was so moved....

The acting was top-notch, but what made it so amazing was the names involved worked smoothly. They were seamless together, no one overdoing it (i.e., no Nicholson joker..although I sort of liked that character). What evolved was a back-story that seemed very smooth, and frankly believable. The names in the movie...ah, me. Some of my favourites. Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Rutger Hauer, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman....everyone delivered a tremendously believable performance. Michael Caine's performance as Alfred actually brought genuine tears to my eyes, as I felt the pain that Bruce Wayne might have felt reflected in his eyes. I've never felt more connected to a set of characters in a movie before.

I can't remember the chick in it, but she did a decent job. Just noticeable enough to be significant, but not a distraction. She specifically was *not* eye candy, and there was a dearth of this in the whole movie. Personally, I wasn't troubled by that at all.

Christian Bale was the unknown in this one for me. I'd seen him in a couple of things, and wasn't terribly impressed. He so nailed the character of Wayne/Batman, I was stunned. I couldn't imagine anyone playing the character better, ever. He will be the standard against which all other pretenders shall be measured.

The technology, while impressive, didn't seem as far-fetched as some other attempts at the mythos. It is explained well, and only requires a little suspension of disbelief to make it work. I was prepared to hate the Batmobile, because in some previews it looked like an SUV. However, it is definitely *not* an SUV. It is much sexier. In fact, it is as sexy as any vehicle Batman has driven before, but way more functional/powerful. I want one. :-)

Well, I am done. I tried very hard not to give away anything, and I think I did a decent job.
If you like the Batman story, you *must* go see it. I will likely see it again..... Posted on Sunday, June 19, 2005 2:09 AM | Back to top

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