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Ok, here I am at the end of the first week on the new job. I thought it might be a good idea to share a few impressions of it.

First off, the client team seems pretty cool. The guys all work hard, but the management won't drive them with a whip and a chair. This is sort of a departure for me given that my development background had a distinct "sweatshop" feel to it. I am excited to say that doesn't appear to be the deal here. The client lead is pretty sharp, having done a good bit of development in his career. He still has his hands in the code, too, which makes his understanding very, very good.

I am still working on getting up to speed on the software. I've been reviewing code and running the application the last couple of days to get familiar (a bit) with what it does. So far, I've understood a lot of it, but it's always tough to come in late on a project like this and try to absorb all of it as quickly as you'd like. I should be productive soon, but will be constantly be learning the application as we go.

As the previous post mentions, we are using CSLA for this app. Pretty cool. I am going to start on a personal app using CSLA, I think, to improve my understanding. Of course, the funny thought is using CSLA for that sort of thing (my app, not the client's) is sort of overkill. S'ok, though...using it is the best way to improve my knowledge.

I am still not sure I appreciate the travel as I should. It will get easier, I've no doubt, but for my first week, it was much harder than I expected. It's tough to be away from home like this. At least we are working 10 hour days, which allows me to go home on Thursday. Only trouble is that after 10 hours, the last thing I feel like doing is going back to my hotel room and studying/working on my own stuff. Going to take some real discipline going forward to make it happen.

More on this as we go...

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