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Ok, yesterday, I posted an entry that said I get the following error when I try to inherit from a particular user control in a particular DLL:

Unable to load assembly (path). Ensure it is a valid .Net Framework assembly

I fought this all day, and found out that it didn't occur so long as I inherited in the same project. Otherwise, no dice, uh-uh. I mentioned this to a co-worker, and he had a great suggestion that seems to work.

Basically, I created an inherited user control in the project with the base control. I saved, and closed. I went to the project on my drive, and copied the control and its designer files . I then pasted them in the project in which I wanted them. I restarted VS, removed them from the project with the inherited base, and added the existing items to the new project. I did have to edit the designer manually to fully qualify the reference to the base control, but that was pretty much it. Slick, and easy.

I am having some small issues with some 3rd party controls on the base form, but I expect I'll figure those out directly.

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