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Been awhile since I posted. So, what have I been up to lately?

Good question!
Mostly been working a lot with the our most current release. I've been involved with more and more project work these days and less generic single, one-shot tickets at work. Upside is that I am very busy, downside is that I haven't been really able to work on our automation suite very much.
However, I did manage to get some time to work on a .Net testbench application for our new hardware solution. It is a USB device that is driven by a data stream on the machine. I have written an test rig application that can drive the device directly and extract readings from the hardware, logging them in an easily graphable form. The company responsible for manufacturing our device has done tests, but we want our own set run internally as an audit.  My prototype of the testbench was well recieved, although I sort of threw it together as more of a POC rather than a full-flegded app. I've been asked to add some more functionality next week which I am going to use as an opportunity to refactor it.
I also wrote an automated test app that exposed/proved a significant flaw in our system, even though it had be pretty much dismissed by the development team. It was thought to be a "corner case" until I could replicate the behaviou approx. 10% of the time. Score one for automated testing!

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