All I can say is my mind has been fired up!  I started the day by attendeing Pat Helland's first session.  It was looking like we were just getting a lesson in the history of computer hardware.  Where that lesson lead opened my eyes to some of the issues and possible solutions we face in the IT industry going forward.  This includes making our applications more granular and keeping less data on a particular machine and giving the application access to its from anywhere. 

He also covered the need to have looser control of data in most situations.  This means that you may not have an authoritative source for your data.  I understand the concept Pat is leading to but, I have a hard time internalizing this given how long we have worked with databases designed to be the system of record.

If you know who Pat is you have probably heard his concept of software fortresses.  The afternoon talk he gave was on something he called Metropolis.  Although it didn't sound like it was a new topic for him, it was new to me.  Ultimately, after another history lesson in manufacturing the discussion turned to Domain Specific Languages and how they will help with the benefits of scale.

The day was topped off with a devCentral party which included a cell phone scavenger hunt.

In all this week is shaping up to be a recharging, mind expanding adventure.