There are many reasons that you may want to add email capability to your Windows Phone 7 application.  There are a number of ways you can communicate information out from an application. 

The mechanism for sending email from your WP7 application is the EmailComposeTask API.  The difference between this API and the one that you would use for an ASP.NET application is that it opens a screen to allow the user to select an account to use and then creates a message which the user then has to send.  This makes sense since the we are talking about end user applications and not server processes.

Below is a quick look at the code required to send an email using the EmailComposeTask.

EmailComposeTask emailTask = new EmailComposeTask();

// Not setting the "To" property will prompt the user
//emailTask.To = "";

emailTask.Subject = "Your subject";

emailTask.Body = "Here is where the body goes.";

There are two drawbacks that I would like to see addressed.  The first is that you cannot create a HTML body.  The second is that you can’t attach a file.  Hopefully these will be addressed in future versions.