DZone is a great technology site and their Refcardz are a great way to kick start your understanding of new topics.  Refcards are about the length of a book chapter packed with great details to quickly get you up and running with the latest technologies.  There are quickly approaching 200 Refcardz on subjects varying from Adobe Coldfusion to Windows Powershell and everything in between with more added all the time.  These quick start guides are created by the leading subject matter experts in the DZone community and reviewed with the same rigor as a full blown book for any well known publisher.  They are a trusted source with a web site that you can visit for deeper information.

In an environment like consulting where you constantly need to get up to speed on new technologies these could be great resources to have on hand and give out to your development team.  As an architect they are also great resources getting a starting point for proof of concepts when investigating technology alternatives.  If nothing else you can always use these as bed time reading.  In any case you should do yourself the service of checking out the Refcardz that are available.

If you have a user group that would benefit from the Refcardz you can get printed versions from DZone directly by contacting William Soprano (@WillSoprano on Twitter).  I’m sure he will also be happy to hear any feedback you or Refcardz you would like to see created.

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